In January 2010, we introduced the first cigarette tubes in the Beretta product line. Appropriately named the Original series, these tubes distinguish our brand as a leader in innovation. Our objective for this new line was to make a cigarette tube that looked better, smoked better and sold better than anything on the market.

To accomplish this, we first developed a signature style that is unique to the Beretta brand. Our black filter design offers distinct appeal that sets us apart from our competitors. Next, to provide better taste, we use oxidized papers that produce a cleaner and more natural smoke. This not only improves the quality of taste, but by not using chlorine, they are much safer for our environment. Lastly, by utilizing stronger, more rigid tipping paper, we developed a more durable cigarette that doesn’t rip or tear during the injecting process.

See The Difference

Beretta cigarette tubes are different than any other. Check out the video to learn more about our products and how they can give you a superior smoking experience.

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